NHRC releases monitoring report of human right situation


Kathamndu, May 25/The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has launched a monitoring report showcasing the situation of human rights of Nepali citizens living along the internatioal bordering aeas.

The NHRC today released the report online highlighting the human right status of Nepali citizens living in 40 districts sharing borders with neighbouring countries.

The monitoring team comprising NHRC member duo Mohna Ansari and Govinda Poudyal carried out onsite study in 28 districts sharing borders with India and China during the period from 2072 BS to 2076 BS.

The report contains differnet issues including the status of international border pillars, embankement and road construction along the border areas, and their subsequent impacts on basic human rights.

The report also incororates the information revealing the status of people’s life, freedom, equality, security, mistreatment, nationality, eduation, health, employment, poverty, developmet, and rights of consumers.

The report also demanded maintaining tri-junction border of Nepal, India and China, systematic regulation of people’s mobility in the areas between Nepal and India, and arrangement of compensation of the loss caused by construction of the road and embankement along the bordering areas to the needy people. —

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